Tony Dohrmann

“Our mission is to preserve the independence and extend the life of the large population of people at risk of incident, incapacitation or death, due to the effects of physical challenges, disabilities, serious illness or aging. We empower seniors and those with serious health concerns with the ability to live at home. We also protect them from the often catastrophic consequences of unattended injuries.” -Anthony Dohrmann, CEO

“We do one thing better than anybody else. We save lives.”

Chief Executive Officer: Anthony Dohrmann

Anthony Dohrmann is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Electronic Caregiver company and LaserShield Security Systems. The Electronic Caregiver saves the lives of your loved ones by connecting them with reliable, 24/7 medical protection at their fingertips. LaserShield Security provides smart technology to put you in control of your home. Buy it today and be protected tonight.